Zoom Profile Pictures on Facebook

Update February 11, 2010: This article refers to Facebook at the version of February 2009 and may be obsolete now.

This tiny bookmarklet enables you to zoom profile pictures on Facebook. This is interesting especially in search results on profiles you are not allowed to see.

To install the bookmarklet, just bookmark the following link, e.g. drag it with the mouse to your other bookmarks:

  • Zoom
    Edit: Apparently, WordPress doesn’t allow me to insert bookmarklets into a post. To make this one work, you need to bookmark it as described and add javascript: in front of it, so that it looks like javascript:function%20zoo ....

Now just open a Facebook page with small profile pictures – for instance, search for somebody – and click on Zoom.

Before zoom:


After zoom:



2 thoughts on “Zoom Profile Pictures on Facebook

  1. Lateef

    Hello i’m to loge my complain concerning the missing part in my facebook page. Before if i searche for some i can zoom in the picture to see the full size of the image but for now am unable to do that including my profile picture. Moreso i can upload picture to my profile via my phone before, but for now am unable to do that, if you can help me to sort it out i will be greatful. Thanks


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