How to stop Brexit (well, not literally, but effectively)

In June, the people of the United Kingdom voted for leaving the EU. And a lot of Brits still seem unhappy about its result.

So I’ve got this idea. (Not sure if I’m the first one, if not, please ping me
to the original.)

  1.  The UK government should draft a deal for a hard Brexit, meaning
    • no freedom of movement, thus no free migration from and to the EU
    • no customs-free access to the EU market
  2. They should draft another deal with the EU to leave the union but
    get a status similar to Norway or Switzerland, meaning:

    • freedom of movement, including free migration of people from and to other
      EU countries
    • customs-free access to the EU market
  3. There should be another referendum where the British people can choose between these two deals.

That second referendum should not be in violation of the first one, it would clearly acknowledge the Leave decision.

But the referendum’s question was only about Remain or Leave, not about the conditions or circumstances of Remain or Leave. In particular, it said nothing about the migration and free market issues, and it is well possible that some Leave voters intended a solution like for Norway or Switzerland.

Thus the second referendum would give the British people opportunity to specify what they want, so everyone generally embracing direct democracy should be in favour of it.

If the second deal wins, the UK would still leave the EU but the consequences would be similar to a Remain – so effectively (meaning: how it affects the British economy and people) Brexit would be stopped.

Of course, also the first deal could win. But this would then be at least a much more informed decision – which could be better accepted by all British.

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