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List of FIFA country pairings that form words

Today, I saw this tweet passing by:

Translation of the linked image: Little question about the World Cup: If Nigeria advances and plays against Germany – will there be written for 90 minutes NIG – GER in the upper left corner of the screen?

The actual answer is No: The FIFA country code for Nigeria is not NIG but NGA. However, there is a country with a code NIG: Niger. So a match Niger vs. Germany would be interesting to watch.

That little question though, inspired me to do some proper research: Which FIFA country pairings do actually form words? And here is the full list 1:

Angola Lesotho angles
Austria Oman automa
Bangladesh Chile banchi
Bangladesh Germany banger
Bangladesh Zaire banzai
Belgium Uganda beluga
Bermuda Germany berger
Bermuda Thailand bertha
Bermuda Vietnam bervie
Bolivia Denmark bolden
Brunei Angola bruang
Bulgaria Germany bulger
Burma Botswana burbot
Burma Denmark burden
Burma Netherlands burned
Cambodia Bermuda camber
Cambodia Palestine cample
Cambodia Peru camper
Canada Austria canaut
Canada Chile canchi
Canada Netherlands canned
Cayman Islands Uganda cayuga
Central African Republic Tanzania caftan
Chad Botswana chabot
Chad Morocco chamar
Chad Nicaragua chanca
Chad Nigeria changa
Chad Zanzibar chazan
Chile Australia chiaus
Chile Chad chicha
Chile Netherlands chined
Colombia Liechtenstein collie
Colombia Morocco colmar
Comoros Bermuda comber
Congo-Brazzaville Angola cobang
Congo-Brazzaville Bermuda cobber
Congo-Brazzaville Brazil cobbra
Croatia Czechoslovakia crotch
Cuba Dominican Republic cubdom
DR Congo Germany codger
DR Congo Russia codrus
Denmark Senegal densen
England Azerbaijan engaze
Finland Germany finger
Finland Netherlands finned
France Czechoslovakia fratch
France Scotland frasco
Gabon Bermuda gabber
Gambia Bolivia gambol
Ghana Latvia ghalva
Gibraltar Bermuda gibber
Guyana Dominican Republic guydom
Honduras Estonia honest
Hungary Germany hunger
Iceland Andorra island
Jamaica Panama jampan
Lebanon Bermuda libber
Lebanon Brazil libbra
Lebanon Kenya libken
Lebanon Netherlands Antilles libant
Lesotho Liechtenstein leslie
Lesotho Senegal lessen
Liechtenstein Germany lieger
Liechtenstein Norway lienor
Madagascar Denmark madden
Madagascar Nepal madnep
Morocco Angola marang
Morocco Canada marcan
Morocco Saint Vincent and the Grenadines marvin
Morocco Thailand martha
Namibia Madagascar nammad
Netherlands Antilles Dominican Republic antdom
Netherlands Denmark holden
Niger Germany nigger
Niger North Yemen nignye
Northern Ireland Lesotho nirles
Oman Guatemala omagua
Palestine, British Mandate Madagascar palmad
Palestine, British Mandate Morocco palmar
Panama Aden panade
Panama Namibia pannam
Panama Tunisia pantun
Paraguay Aden parade
Paraguay Angola parang
Paraguay Palestine, British Mandate parpal
Paraguay Tanzania partan
Peru Chad percha
Peru Norway pernor
Poland Luxembourg pollux
Portugal Germany porger
Portugal Oman poroma
Puerto Rico Dahomey purdah
Puerto Rico Germany purger
Puerto Rico Palestine purple
Romania Peru romper
Romania Peru rouper
Russia Siam russia
Russia Sudan russud
Réunion Benin reuben
Samoa Palestine sample
Samoa Panama sampan
Scotland Czechoslovakia scotch
Singapore Germany singer
Somalia Bermuda somber
Sudan Denmark sudden
Tahiti Singapore tahsin
Taiwan Panama taipan
Tanzania Burma tanbur
Tanzania Germany tanger
Tanzania Guam tangum
Tanzania Netherlands tanned
Thailand Czechoslovakia thatch
Trinidad and Tobago Chile trichi
Trinidad and Tobago Kiribati trikir
Trinidad and Tobago Libya trilby
Trinidad and Tobago Nigeria tringa
Trinidad and Tobago Palestine, British Mandate tripal
Trinidad and Tobago Palestine triple
Tunisia Norway tunnor
Turkey Bangladesh turban
Turkey Botswana turbot
Turkey Kenya turken
Turkey Netherlands turned
Turkey Tanzania turtan
United States Germany usager
Venezuela Germany venger
Wales Russia walrus
Zaire Thailand zaitha
Zambia Angola zamang

1 Obsolete codes are included, word list source

Update June 22: Get the code at Github and check with your own word list (e.g. in your language).